The white T-Shirt is a key element in any wardrobe. It is very versatile and it can be worn with jeans, chiffon skirts, even black suit jackets. So it’s a must that you have one in your closet.

It happens that I have a few of them. And while it’a a key piece, one basic white t-shirt is enough. So I decided to give the others a little twist and create a mini DIY series with white t-shirts.
First one: a heart cutout back. This is really easy to make and it looks very very cool.
Here’s what you need:
1. white t-shirt; 2. half a heart shape; 3. fabric chalk; 4. scissors
1. layout your t-shirt and draw the half heart on the back
2. draw the other half leaving a 1-2 cm space between the two shapes
3. with a ruler or freehand draw horizontal parallel lines inside the two shapes
4. cut along the parallel lines
5. pull each stripe to make the fabric edges roll inside
There you have it, the first episode of our white t-shirts series. This looks amazing over a black tank or an animal print bralette or even on bare skin.

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