Yes, I know I’ve been M.I.A. for the last week, but it’s because I’m working on a new collection for my jewelry line which will be shown at Designer’s Spring Fair by Fashion Fridays. Can’t wait!!

But you didn’t actually think that I would let Valentine’s Day slip by without a quick and easy DIY for this special day, did you? This one is for the gents that would like to impress their special ladies or for the gals that want to smarten up their man’s outfit. And because it’s all about love, a heart was a must for this one:


This is adapted from the thousands origami hearts tutorials out there, but to make it a square pocket and give it more elegance than paper would, we’ll use fabric.


1. satin, 2. fusible interfacing, 3. scissors, 4. iron, 5. glue gun


1. first you will need to figure out how big your satin square will be. After folding it, your heart will be half the size of the initial square so the whole square has to be double the size of the pocket opening. My pocket was 9 cm/ 3.5 in wide so I cut a satin square 18×18 cm/7×7 in. And the fusible interfacing must be a little larger than that

2. Iron on the fusible interfacing with the adhesive side on the wrong side of the fabric

3. Cut the interfacing on the edges of the satin square

4. Using the diagram below (source) start folding and ironing the fabric, the same way you would do with paper

5.  If the folded fabric becomes to stiff to iron in place, you can use a glue gun

6. Insert it in the jacket’s pocket and head out for a lovely night


Now your loved one can wear your heart in his pocket ;)

I hope you will all have an incredible Valentine’s Day with your husband, boyfriend, best friend, gals or family. Spread the love  ♥♥♥






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