More than once I surprised myself buying fabrics without a pattern in mind or at least a plan. Every time I’m in those fabric warehouses it’s like something blurs my reasoning and I just have to buy everything. Fortunately, my budget alarm still works and I end up with just a couple of plastic bags full of fabrics.

This happened with this piece of very soft and light vegan leather which I got in black, indigo and copper. When I got home I realised it’s a bit stretchy and it will be a pain in the *ahem* to sew. That’s why I decided to stick with the basics and make a simple gathered skirt because it requires only two seams.


And although I haven’t shared any garment patterns yet because I’m relatively new to sewing and I can barely read patterns myself let alone explain them to others, this one was to easy not to share it. ¬†And I know there are probably hundreds of them out there in the tangled webs of the internet, but this one is mine and let’s just consider it a first step in a long journey to a new handmade wardrobe :)

pleather-skirt-2 pleather-skirt-1

So get your fabric, a 150cm(60″) by 100cm(40″) rectangle, some 3.5cm(1.3″) wide elastic, a safety pin, a sewing machine or a thread and needle.

pleather skirt-01

1. first, if needed, cut your fabric to 150cm(60″)x100cm(40″)

2. fold it in half, right sides together and sew the vertical seam

3. take the top margin, fold it at 4cm(1.5″) and sew around, leaving a 3.5cm(1.3″) opening

4. cut a piece of elastic that fits around your waist

5. attach the safety pin to the elastic and “feed” it through the opening in the skirt’s waistband; don’t pull it all the way through, leave the end out

6. bring the other end of the elastic outside and sew the two ends together

7. adjust the gathers around the elastic evenly and close the opening

Now, my fabric doesn’t fray so I decided to leave the skirt unhemmed, but you can hem yours if needed. Just fold the bottom edge like you did for the waistband and sew around, this time without leaving an opening.


Pretty easy, huh? Being a maxi skirt, this looks best in light weight, flowy materials, like my super soft pleather or maybe some voile,  jersey, chiffon, satin or georgette.

What would you choose?





  1. jolene March 15, 2014 at 3:58 pm


    Does the fabric hang right with only one seam do u put the seam in back or side when wearing i woder how it would look shorter

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