As I said on Friday I took my weekend to find the perfect home made/DIY solution for hot foil prints and I’m back with the results and a damn cute wall art for my desk :)


I must start by saying that the best result is still achieved by hot foil printing, but this alternatives are not bad at all. They might not be as smooth or as shiny as foil but the gold is still there and of course it’s cheaper.

I discovered 4 ways to make this dupe: metallic makers, liquid gold leaf, normal gold leaf and self adhesive gold sheet.


The markers and the liquid gold foil are more brassy and don’t have a very shiny/reflective finish, while the gold leaf and the adhesive vinyl are really very close to gold foil.

But let me show you how I did it. First I gathered all my supplies and tools:


30×40 cm frame, 4 sheets of color paper/light cardboard, brushes, gold marker, liquid gold leaf, gold leaf and gold leaf adhesive, self adhesive gold sheet

Before you start you will need to create a layout of your typography or just use mine, you can download the PDF here.




1.  Print each page of the PDF on a different paper sheet, mine were 20x15cm, except the design for the self adhesive gold sheet which you will print directly on the back of the self adhesive sheet.

2. First is the self adhesive gold sheet and this is the easiest and also the closest to the foil effect. It’s only drawback is that you need to cut it so maybe it will be difficult if you have very fine details. That’s why I picked a full shape for it, a heart. Just cut it out and stick it to your colored paper.

3. Second, we’ll make the marker gold. This one is also too easy, just shake well the marker and fill in the outline.

4. Next option is the liquid gold foil. You’ll need a fine tip brush to paint inside the outline. No special requirements here, it’s like painting with acrylics or oils.

5. The gold leaf it’s actually the most difficult but nothing you can’t handle in 5 minutes. Apply the gold leaf adhesive inside the outline according to the package instructions. I had to wait 15 minuets for mine before applying the leaf gently, using a paper as a support and a very soft and wide brush to press it down on the adhesive. Than, I removed the extra leaf using a harder brush.


This was my favorite technique from all of them. The gold foil looks really cool, but because I used a hair brush for the adhesive I ended up with a texture which I don’t mind actually. But if you want a smooth surface, use a sponge brush to apply the adhesive and try to apply is as smooth as possible.


So there, in just one hour I satisfied my cravings for gold typography. But…now I think I need more (insert zombie face here)


Which one do you like best? Don’t forget to share your takes on this in the comments below or just tag @macted in your Instagram posts.




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