WARNING! No butterflies or any other living beings were hurt during this project. And I advise you to not do it either!

A few weeks ago, during the spring cleaning, I found this fragile butterfly wing in my balcony and I decided to keep it in memory of that beautiful creature that lost his limb probably trying to escape. I kept it in my moleskine’s pocket for a while until I found the perfect way to display it: around my neck.


That is when I began the research about resin jewelry and discovered what magical things you can do with it and what a perfect medium is for keeping your memories with you. That’s why today I’m going to share with you how to make a resin pendant.

Besides the two component epoxy resin and your keepsake you will need:


1. cardboard, 2.pencil, 3. tape; 4. a plastic recipient; 5. a screw eyepin or a wire loop

If you want your pendant to be a geometric shape, like a sphere or a cube or anything like that, you can use silicone or plastic moulds which can be found at most craft stores. But I wanted my pendant to have the shape of the wing and I couldn’t find a mold for that so I decided to make my own.


1. Trace the shape of the wing on the cardboard, but slightly bigger (about 3mm bigger). This will be your mould’s base

2. Than trace another larger outline and connect the two of them with perpendicular lines. This will be your  moulds walls

3. Cut along the perpendicular line and rise the small pieces

4. Cut a strip of cardboard and glue it around your shape to enforce the walls.

5. Use tape to seal every crack and hole and to create a uniform smooth surface

6. Mix the resin according to the package instructions and pour half of it in the mould

7. Carefully place the wing in the middle and let it sit for a 20 minutes so that the first layer of resins hardens just a little, than pour the rest of the mix over the wing.

8. Let it harden for 24-48 hours, than take it of the mould. Use a fine nail file to smooth the edges, only where it is necessary

9. I used clear nail polish over the filed areas to restore the translucency

10. Using a very small drill or a screw eyepin, attach a loop to your pendant so you can wear it on a chain

Isn’t this amazing? You can also use small seashells or tiny feathers, watch gears or seed beads and even gold foil. If you are planning to use flowers, Oana, the master of resin jewelry, shared a secret: you must use dried flowers, otherwise they will turn black when the resin touches them.

butterfly-wing-necklace-3 butterfly-wing-necklace

You can make a billion variations using this material so please share at least one of them with me, in the comments below.




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