Aztec patterns were and still are such a big trend. They are usually very geometric and colorful and they look good on almost everything, from phone cases to leggings. Jewelry is not an exception, so what do you think about an aztec necklace? The technique used is also very easy, it’s a simple embroidery and you can recycle your embroidery thread leftovers, if you have some. Every time I make a friendship bracelet I end up with a fist full of short to medium threads and never had the heart to throw them because they are so cute and colorful. So here it is my recycled embroidered aztec necklace.

aztec necklace

And to make it yourself you’ll need:


1. embroidery thread; 2. canvas or any fabric you can use as a base, I actually used fusible interfacing; 3. needle; 4. two jump rings; 5. chain, 6. not in the picture, but also a sheet of felt

Find a pattern online, draw your own or you can obviously use mine, just scale the picture as much as you want, I made it about 10 cm:


The steps are as follows:


1.print the pattern and trace it on your fabric base; using the interfacing made this step very easy because its netting is very loose and you can clearly see the pattern underneath
2. start filling the shapes with thread, using as many colors as possible for an authentic result
3. on starting and ending a color don’t tie a knot on the loose end of the thread as you would usually do, instead hide the tail under the back of the embroidery; this way you will avoid clumps and your design will lay flat
4. when you’re done with the embroidery cut around the pattern leaving a 1.5mm allowance
5. cut a piece of felt the same size and shape as your embroidered piece
6. sew them together creating a border around your design
7. iron the piece using a cloth to protect it
8. attach a jump ring on the two corners
9. now attach the chain to the jump rings
10. and wear it!


Looks pretty cool, ha? I actually loved making this so much and the result is so great that I will post more of these in my shop soon. In case you don’t have the time and patience to make your own, you will be able to buy them there.


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